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Integumentary Quiz

1) All of these are accessories of the Integumentary System, except-
Hair Glands Blood Skin
2) This layer of the skin is composed of primarily adipose tissue-
Hypodermis Dermis Stratum Corneum Epidermis
3) What is the purpose of Melanocytes?
Hardens Skin Sweat Production Skin Pigment Hair Production
4) What is the primary function of hair?
Feeling Protection Shaving Features
5) What aspect of the nail does actualy growth occur?
Base Tip Nail Matrix Cuticle
6) True or False, the epidermis has it's own blood supply-
True False
7) True or False, the dermis has 5 layers0
True False
8) True or False, apocrine is a type of sweat gland-
True False
9) True or False, The skin is the largest organ of the body?
True False
10) True or False, melanocytes are the attributing factor in eye color-
True False

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